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Salutes the Palestinian people, this year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Nakba. But, after a long suffering and great sacrifices, Ihdhuna hope not to pass more time before he could celebrate the birth of our independent state on the borders of June 1967, Jerusalem as its capital.

It is with this hope, the Palestinian National Authority is committed to reforming institutions, and capacity building, and the rules of good governance, transparency and accountability. In spite of what we face obstacles and challenges, but we are determined to provide good governance and the model is able to provide basic services to our people fairly, and as to enhance the resilience and stability, and develop a sense of citizenship on the path of nation-building will be the subject of pride of all the Palestinians. As part of this vision, the Ministry of Finance has worked hard since June 2007 on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Palestinian financial system. Thanks to the efforts of my colleagues in the ministry, and who are all the subject of high pride and appreciation, the system was established in accordance with best international standards in terms of management systems, transparency, and has received praise in a manner relevant international financial institutions. Now, all this has been achieved, we are looking forward to this achievement has the consent of our people. Where will be announced monthly reports of financial transactions on this site in the fifteenth of each